Are we being fair to Kim Kardashian?

Wedding of the century.  Whore. Slut. Sex tape.  These and other headlines followed the news of the wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  The secret lavish ceremony was covered on social media and online publications alike. Sneak peek pictures and whatever minuscule detail that could be mustered, commentary became amusing and down right cruel.  Fan or not of the Kardashian clan, one cannot deny the polarizing effort the family has on popular culture.  Everything they touch, thanks to their loyal fans and viewers, seems to have a Midas affect.  After reading some of the harsher comments about KK the thought occurred…are we being fair to her?  Kim’s rise from mediocrity began when she was a sidekick to the obnoxious spoiled Paris Hilton but her real stardom was managed (quite crafty with her momanger Kris Jenner) through a private leaked sex tape.  Popularity and curiosity created the platform for paid appearances and a television show.  From there, KK has managed, very successfully, to keep the family name in the spotlight thus landing the role of companion to one of music’s brightest but most narcissistic rappers.  She lives a life most of us ordinary folk cannot began to fathom.  Her every move is critiqued microscopically, whether it is on the red carpet or gym run.  KK has tried, unsuccessfully to distance her current life from the raunchy tape that has afforded its celebrity status. But she will never escape the sex tape because people will never allow it.  Do I agree with her motives? Her way of life? I don’t personally know her so it doesn’t give me the right to speak about it. What I have is an opinion of the snippets she allows the rest of the world to see.  Yes I have played judge and jury previously concerning the overexposure of the Kardashian clan.  But it amazes me how society can hand out redemption cards to male counterparts (Tiger Woods, Robert Downey, Jr, Magic Johnson) but none can be found for KK.  Has she paid her dues as of yet? If not, when will she reach the point of stepping out of the shadow of the sex tape? Are we that cynical?  The comparison to Elizabeth Taylor isn’t that far reached because she had eight marriages and countless flings under her belt.  She was no angel and perhaps, just perhaps there is a vintage sex tape of Dame Taylor out in the universe.  But no one dared called Taylor a whore or slut, or at least not blatantly to her face.  There was a level of respect given to Taylor because she was superb actress.  And I know there are many out there who would point out KK has no viable talent therefore she shouldn’t be compared to Taylor.  But when we strip away the fame, money, men, wardrobe from both women we are left with just two women.  Who perhaps made some not so wise choices for men that they loved.  Who are we to judge that?  KK isn’t my favorite celebrity and this isn’t about a KUWTK campaign.  As a matter of fact I usually avoid watching or reading news about her.  I’m just asking the question: Are we being fair to Kim Kardashian by continuing to bring up the sex tape?



6 thoughts on “Are we being fair to Kim Kardashian?

  1. vatsala

    hi! if i have to put my cents then, i guess its more of a fashion trend these days… sex tapes, paid publicity, et al ..all are part of big universe of stardom! so pointing out at KK would be little bias know. just my point of view 🙂

  2. SN

    Fair? She asked for the attention, however crass in her way of doing so. Were she Liz Taylor, who at least had some self-esteem, it would have played differently, but even her “momanger” in on the pound-town vid. These people have zero class, and are being rewarded by a stupid public who value that lack of self-respect. What she eats in private is nobody’s business until she makes it everybody’s, and if that’s the kind of lame desperation that sells, let her have her stupid followers and the criticism she asked for in the first place. She sold herself as one to the adoring public, so what’s so wrong about calling her a slut, whore, whatever? An admirable woman isn’t, no matter what she does in her own space, because she has enough class to keep it in her own space. And women are down on men who treat them as sex objects? This one is crying all the way to the bank because she passed herself off as some life support system for a c–t, and the press and public fell for it. Who says men who watch porn are so bad, when so many “normal” women as well buy into the image of Slut as Goddess? Fair? Duh.


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