Monday Inspiration

36050865610265IMG_20140401_145911     Art is subjective.  Often what moves one person, may confound another. Fashion, or the love of fashion, is no different.  When the two are combined, what is produced is a beautiful mix of fantasy and reality, the past and future, cosmos and chaos.  That magical juxtaposition of opposing ends of the spectrum is what makes fashionART so intriguing. And inspiring.  When we are inspired, we become unstoppable creative forces.  When we create from our core, from the place where we are the truest form of ourselves, we don’t wish for creativity to visit us, we live in creativity.  So here’s to the start of living in a perpetual creative space and to brightening up an otherwise ordinary Monday!

fashart  fashart2isabella9




“Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.”  Ernest Hemingway






























2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration

  1. Meek

    May I say, this was a refreshing twist on blogism (not sure if that is an actual term). I love that we can feel a sense of belonging in this site, without feeling bombarded with “blogger selfies”, or a tornado of fashionable looks. The Provocoative Eye is approachable and unique. I am excited to see what is to come of this masterful site.

    Many Blessings,

    Meek : )

  2. "ScorpioWife"

    refreshing in a fashionable way….love the lively approach in describing your passion for fashion! you made me a believer that “dreamers can’t sleep forever”…keep blogging, honey!


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